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Dongho's movie catches fans' attention

Submitted: Nov 13 2010 10:35 PM by jennyjjong

U-Kiss' Dongho is making his movie debut in the "Villain on the Second Floor." His role is an arrogant middle school student who the main character's daughter pines for.

Kim Hyesu, who is the main character of the movie, handpicked Dongho for the part. Dongho commented, "I'm so nervous because it's my first time acting. I'm honored to be working with Han Sukgyu and Kim Hyesu. I want to become as great as they are so I could act with them again."

The comedic movie will open in theaters on the 25th. Other idols such as Big Bang's TOP, T-ara's Jiyeon, 2AM's Seulong, CN Blue's Lee Jonghyun and Kang Minhyuk have already made movie debuts. Are you looking forward to Dongho's movie as well?

Source: The Star

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  • sweetiepea 1 Points

    I can't wait!!!<3

    13 November 2010 - 03:12 PM

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