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Jay Park to star in movie “Happy Together”

Submitted: Nov 11 2010 03:30 AM by Norava

Jay Park will assume the role of an idol singer in the upcoming Daisy Entertainment production, "Happy Together". On November 10th, a staff member from SidusHQ revealed, “Jay has been confirmed to star in Happy Together. The movie is directed by Ra Hee-Chan, who also directed "Leave When They Applaud".

Happy Together is about the birth of a four-member idol group that was introduced to money and popularity at a very young age. A major crisis occurs when their well-respected leader falls from the stage and is replaced with an indie band member from Hongdae.

Jay Park’s character, which plays the second-in-charge of the group, doesn't accept the new band member (played by Ji Hyun-Woo) and believes that idols are merely puppets and products. At first the two don’t get along very well, but by the end of the movie the two set aside their differences and harmonize with their common interest: music.

Kim Soo-Ro stars as the CEO of the agency that houses the idols and Park Si-Yeon as the famous producer that watches over them. Jang Young-Nam, Go Chang-Suk, Yim Won-Hee, and others have also joined the cast.

A staff member of Happy Together said, “Jay, after finishing the shooting of Hype Nation, showed his motivation through the several meetings we had. The staff visited Jay during his [Big 4] concert at Jeonju and supported him.” The movie is scheduled to begin filming in late December.

Source: Economy Today and Jaypark.net

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  • iGnition 11 Points

    scheduled to premiere in late December...as in in theaters? or scheduled to begin filming? I hope it's premiere in theaters haha even though that seems impossible ><

    10 November 2010 - 07:37 PM

  • Flowsion 3133 Points

    It will begin filming in December, not premiere in theatres then. Sorry for the confusion!

    10 November 2010 - 09:26 PM

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