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Kim Soohyun to star in new film titled "Covertness"

Submitted: Oct 01 2012 11:30 AM by happyazngirl08

Kim Soohyun will soon begin filming for his new movie "Covertness."

Based on a popular webtoon series, "Covertness" will be about the identity crisis of a spy (Kim Soohyun) and his interactions with the village people that he encounters on his mission.

Since Kim Soohyun's recent films and dramas have all been met with success, many people have set high expectations for the actor's performance in "Covertness." In addition, the other members of the cast - Park Eunbin and Lee Hyunwoo - have also increased interest in the film as they have all acted in popular dramas as well.

Information on the characters in the new film has also recently been released. Kim Soohyun's character will be a spy, who is at times mindless and at times cold-hearted. Park Eunbin's character will be a carefree girl, who is both a friend and rival to Kim Soohyun's character.

Filming for "Covertness" is set to begin on October 17th.

Are you excited for Kim Soohyun's new film?

Source: Korean JoongAng Daily

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