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Korea and Canada to produce 1st ever joint movie

Submitted: Nov 05 2010 02:15 AM by Karina

Movie viewers are in for a slice of history as Korean and Canadian producers are set to create the first ever jointly-produced movie from the two countries. The Korean film company, WE Pictures, announced in Thursday’s press release that they have come together with Vancouver-based Seoul Sisters to co-produce a romantic comedy titled "Shotgun Love." Seoul Sisters, a Korean-Canadian production company, will provide 22 percent of the film's budget.

Starring renowned singer and actor Im Chang-jung and actress Kim Gyu-ri, the movie is about how a 30 year-old man named Sang-yeol (Im) is stuck in a mid-life crisis with a boring job and marries his colleague So-yeon (Kim) after finding out that she is pregnant with his child. WE Pictures also has a line-up of future movies, including horror film "Soul Station" and sci-fi flick "ELYSIUM" in development. They are also interested in producing Korean films for an international market.

Source: 10 Asiae

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