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Park Shinhye appointed ambassador of the 49th Daejong Film Awards

Submitted: Sep 14 2012 01:35 AM by happyazngirl08

Recently, actress Park Shinhye was appointed ambassador for the 49th Daejong Film Awards. The appointment ceremony, which took place on September 13, was held at the Plaza Hotel in Seoul.

After the appointment ceremony, Park Shinhye was asked whether there were certain film genres that she would like to try. The actress responded, "I will work hard in any type of film as long as the role suits me, but if I ever get the chance, I would like to try acting in an action film or in an innocent, romance film."

Park Shinhye was also asked whether or not she would like to act in a movie with Joo Sangwook, who had also been appointed ambassador for the 49th Daejong Film Awards. Park Shinhye replied, "Well, I've already acted in a drama [Kimchied Radish Cubes] with Joo Sangwook, so I guess it would be okay if we are separated for a while." Park Shinhye's cute response caused everyone in the room to chuckle.

The 49th Daejong Film Awards will take place on October 30th.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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