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Shindong and Gyuri to dub the animated movie "Alpha and Omega"

Submitted: Dec 28 2010 08:12 PM by jennyjjong

Shindong and Gyuri have already been getting closer and closer to each other because of their radio show, "Shindong, Park Gyuri's Shim Shim Ta Pa." They will be getting even closer because they have been chosen as the voices of the two wolves Humphrey and Kate for the animated movie "Alpha and Omega" for its Korean release on February 24th.

They have been chosen because "Sammy's Adventure," dubbed by f(x)'s Sulli and Big Bang's Daesung, enjoyed great success. Fans like that they can hear familiar voices in animations and said that they look more forward to movies that their idols voices are in.

How do you think Shindong and Gyuri will do on their dubbing debut?

Source: ENS

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