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So Jisub attends press conference for his upcoming film, "A Company Man"

Submitted: Sep 13 2012 02:50 AM by happyazngirl08

Recently, actor So Jisub attended a press conference for his upcoming film "A Company Man."

Starring actors So Jisub, Kwak Byeonggyu, Lee Miyeon, and ZE:A's Dongjun, "A Company Man" will be about a professional, cold-blooded killer (So Jisub), who wants to live the life of a normal citizen. However, as soon as he decides to quit being a professional killer and become a "company man," his former employers make him their next target.

During the press conference for "A Company Man," So Jisub was asked for his opinion on comparisons between this film and "Mr." The movie "Mr.", which starred actor Wonbin, is also about a person who wants to live a normal life but has a past that prevents him from doing so. As a result, many people have begun comparing the two films because of their seemingly similar plot lines.

However, So Jisub stated that after watching "A Company Man," he felt that there were actually many differences between "A Company Man" and "Mr." First, the actor confessed that his role in "A Company Man" is not as charming as Wonbin's character in "Mr." Wonbin's character had a stronger sense of righteousness than So Jisub's character in "A Company Man." Secondly, So Jisub stated that after watching "A Company Man," he saw many differences in the plot as well.

So Jisub was also asked during the press conference whether there were any challenges that he had encountered during filming. He replied, "This is the first time where I'm not the person being shot, but rather the person doing the shooting. In fact, all of the action scenes in 'A Company Man' are based on the fighting tactics of the Russian special forces, so it was difficult for me to pick up those skills."

"A Company Man" is set to hit Korean theaters on October 18. Will you be watching?

Source: Korea Star Daily

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