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Song Joongki's character poster for "A Werewolf Boy" revealed

Submitted: Sep 14 2012 01:19 AM by happyazngirl08

Recently, Song Joongki's character posters for his upcoming film "A Werewolf Boy" were released.

Shedding his pretty boy image, Song Joongki showed a more animalistic and wild side in the posters as his character in the film is half-werewolf and half-human. His character also possesses an unknown blood type and a body temperature of 46 degrees Celsius, but despite his inhuman nature, he develops a romantic relationship with a young, normal girl, who is played by actress Park Boyoung.

When asked how he felt about his role, Song Joongki stated, "Since my character cannot speak human languages, I have to convey all his thoughts and emotions through my eyes, facial expressions, and gestures, so I have really learned a lot about acting through this film. Also, this is the first time that there has been this kind of character in Korean cinema, and I am proud to be the first actor to play this kind of role."

Although "A Werewolf Boy" will not premiere in Korean theaters until later this year, it has already begun to receive international recognition for its unique storyline. For example, the film has already been invited to attend the 37th Toronto International Film Festival, the 31st Vancouver International Film Festival, and the 17th Busan International Film Festival.

Check out the posters below! Will you be watching "A Werewolf Boy"?

Posted Image

Posted Image

Source: Korea Star Daily

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