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"The Alumni" ft. Big Bang's T.O.P and Jo Sungha postpones filming as director steps down

Submitted: Sep 06 2012 04:12 PM by ohgelie

Filming for the upcoming movie "The Alumni" featuring Big Bang's T.O.P has been temporarily postponed due to the many issues that happened on set.

According to the film's production agency, there had been disagreements over the direction of the film, leading to Director Park Shinwoo stepping down from his position. At the moment, the agency is searching for another director to replace his spot, causing the delay in the filming. The agency emphasized that although they are changing directors, the film will portray the same image as planned. Filming will resume once a new director is found.

Previously, the film also experienced delays due to the bad weather that South Korea experienced in the past few weeks.

Source: AsiaToday

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