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"The Alumni" resumes filming after signing a new director

Submitted: Sep 11 2012 11:05 PM by ohgelie

Upcoming film "The Alumni" resumed filming after taking on a new director for the production. Last September 6th, it was reported that director Park Shinwoo stepped down from the production, after failing to resolve differences with the film's production agency. The departure caused filming to halt as the agency scrambled to look for a replacement.

After a short break, the film has now signed director Park Hongsoo and will resume filming soon. Park Hongsoo is famed for assisting films such as "Secret Reunion" and "All About My Wife," and also participated in assisting "The Alumni" as well.

The new director was chosen since he was already known by the cast and crew due to having been with the production since the start. The agency further stated that despite considering other directors for the position, they feel Park Hongsoo is more qualified to take on Park Shinwoo's seat.

Source: MyDaily

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