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T.O.P to resume filming for "The Alumni" after Big Bang's concert in Singapore

Submitted: Sep 25 2012 08:45 PM by ohgelie

After injuring his hand while filming for the movie "The Alumni," it was revealed that T.O.P is due to back on set after their concert in Singapore. On September 22nd, T.O.P injured his hand with a broken glass while filming a fight scene. He had to undergo emergency surgery on the same day and halted ongoing filming.

YG Entertainment also discussed T.O.P's activities with the production team, as it will take at least two to three weeks to fully heal. Both sides agree to do their best to allow T.O.P in his ongoing activities and filming schedule, as long as he doesn't overly strain himself.

Earlier today, it was stated that T.O.P will resume filming for "The Alumni" after Big Bang's concert in Singapore on September 28th and 29th. The production team also confirmed that he will resume filming on October 1st or on the 2nd at the very least.

Source: MyDaily

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