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Watch "The Wonder Girls" movie, bloopers, and more on TeenNick.com

Submitted: Feb 03 2012 02:27 AM by Uni

Popular girl group Wonder Girls' U.S. film "The Wonder Girls" just finished airing on TeenNick just minutes ago, and the movie has already been made available to fans who were not able to catch it on TV the first time around on TeenNick.com

The movie follows the Wonder Girls, who fly to New York City to prepare for their U.S. tour. They meet their rival girl group, School Gyrls, at the legendary Apollo Theatre where a talent competition is taking place, and the two girl groups face off on stage.

In the movie, fans will hear a short clip of an unreleased English song, as well as part of the English version of "Be My Baby."

You can view the movie and bloopers at TeenNick.com!

Source: TeenNick

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