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"Wolf Boy-The Director's Cut" to be released this December

Submitted: Nov 27 2012 08:20 PM by ohgelie

"Wolf Boy - The Director's Cut" is scheduled to be rereleased this December. CJ Entertainment confirmed that they will be releasing a new version of the film on December 27th, which will include new edits and possibly a new ending.

The director's cut version of the film will have an additional two minutes, as the Korean Media Rating Board initially asked to reduce their time to 125 minutes. The rereleased version will now have 127 minutes of film and has caught the attention of its fans for its possible change in the ending.

"Wolf Boy" features Song Joongki and Park Boyoung as the lead characters and is a romantic drama about two characters who has turned their backs from the world. Only just a month after its premiere, the film has already scored its 6 million mark and continues to attack more audiences.

"Wolf Boy - The Director's Cut" is aimed to be released on December 27th, with details of its screening yet to be revealed.

Source: XSportsNews

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