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2011 KBS Song Festival announces its official MCs: Yoona, Shin Dongyeop, and Lee Jiae

Submitted: Dec 20 2011 05:16 AM by Uni

With a little over a week left until the big day, KBS has officially revealed their three MCs for the 2011 KBS Song Festival. The 180 minute-long song festival will make its broadcast on December 30, 2011, at 8:55PM KST and will last until 11:50PM KST.

The show, set to be hosted by Girls' Generation's Yoona, Shin Dongyeop, and Lee Jiae, will take place at the Yeouido KBS Hall.

This year will mark Lee Jiae's 4th year as the KBS Song Festival MC, while it will be Yoona's 2nd year its host, having MCed the show back in 2009.

Meanwhile, no official artist setlist has been released.

Currently, KBS is experiencing strikes from unions, however, the company has stated that the strike will not affect the upcoming Song Festival.

The 2011 MBC Korean Music Festival will be broadcasting on December 31st, while SBS is scheduled to broadcast its own music festival on December 29th. While there is a rumored list out for the SBS show, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Source: 2011 KBS Song Festival, E-Daily and Star News

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