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Ailee to hold first stage for "Evening Sky" on Music Bank today

Submitted: Dec 07 2012 12:26 AM by ohgelie

Ailee is set to continue promotions and will be showcasing her first performance for the track "Evening Sky" on KBS Music Bank. Since releasing her first mini-album "Invitation" and promoting the track "I'll Show You," Ailee continues her run with the follow-up track, "Evening Sky."

Ailee's upcoming performance will feature her feminine and innocent side, different from the trendy and confident vibe she was sporting through her "I'll Show You" performances.

"Evening Sky" is a lyrical ballad with an addictive melody which fits to Ailee's appealing vocals. The song has already received a good amount of attention from her fans, with the music video released last October in collaboration for the international film, "Now Is Good."

Are you looking forward to Ailee's new set of promotions?

Source: Segye

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