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BBde Girl debuts on Music Core with "Fooling Around"

Submitted: Dec 01 2012 07:33 AM by Miranda

After releasing their debut single and music video for "Fooling Around" back in September, new girl group BBde Girl finally brings their first title track to the Music Core stage on today's episode.

BBde Girl stands for "Beauty Blessed de Girl," and the group consists of six members, Nana, Son Hana, Christine, E-sea, Lyulin, and Li-v.

"Fooling Around" features a unique melody introduction, and the upbeat dance track showcases different synth melodies, and vocal layering and effects. The track contains a short dance break with dubstep and electronic elements.

Check out their debut stage below!

What do you think of "Fooling Around"?

Source: MBCkpop

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