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K. Will wins on Inkigayo + other performances

Submitted: Apr 03 2011 08:11 AM by Eggyone

On tonight's episode of Inkigayo, Kim Tae Woo made his comeback with "Echo". Idol group U-Kiss made their return tonight with "Every Day" and "0330". Orange Carmel performed their newest hit, "Bangkok City", for their comeback stage, and Yangpa returned with "It Should Be You" and "It Hurts".

The "Take 7" nominees for tonight's episode were TVXQ ("Know This (Before You Go)"), K.Will ("My Heart is Beating"), Wheesung ("Words that Freeze My Heart"), CN Blue ("Intuition"), Infinite ("Nothing's Over"), Song Jieun ("Going Crazy"), and Girls' Day ("Twinkle Twinkle"). Song Jieun was the only nominee that did not perform on tonight's episode because she has completed her solo promotions already.

Out of the nominees for tonight's Mutizen, K.Will took home the award. K.Will won the Mutizen with "My Heart is Beating". Congratulations to K.Will!

Winner - K.Will with "My Heart is Beating"

K.Will - "My Heart is Beating"

TVXQ - "Know This (Before You Go)"

CN Blue - "Intuition"

Infinite - "Nothing's Over"

Wheesung - "Words That Freeze My Heart" featuring Hoya

Girls' Day - "Twinkle Twinkle"

Kim Hyun Jung -"1 Minute 1 Second"

ZE:A - "Here I Am"

Sori - "Dancing Heart"

5dolls - Traffic Safety Song

Source: CrazyCarrot370

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  • Leia 16 Points

    Whee! About time he won! K-Will is amazing (:

    Though, I am ashamed to say, deep deep down in the darkest corner of my heart I secretly wished DBSK won again ;)
    Me and my biased fangirlish obsessions >.<

    I should be happy for him! K-WILL!!!

    03 April 2011 - 02:50 AM

  • GreenTeaGraffiti 0 Points

    We were at today's Inkigayo show and we agree that K-Will did very well! Well deserving of the Mutizen award.

    It was great to see DBSK and Wheesung again, as they represent the older K-pop scene (2002-2004). There seems to be a lot of newer K-pop groups this year. What do you guys think of the newer groups, such as 5Dolls, Girl's Day, and Z:EA?

    03 April 2011 - 05:19 AM

    • Leia 16 Points


      In response to the newer bands, I find it very strange because I don't usually make a habit out of discovering new kpop bands.
      I like to stay loyal to the old ones - DBSK/SJ/BB/SNSD etc.

      But it's very surprising that I'm actually impressed by some of the girl bands namely - Brave Girl, 5Doll and Dal Shabet.
      I'm interested to see their development in the industry, but I still want the old bands to still enjoy love and popularity from their fans ^^

      03 April 2011 - 07:38 PM

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