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KARA wins the Mutizen on Inkigayo with "Step" + other performances

Submitted: Sep 25 2011 08:03 AM by Eggyone

Tonight on the 640th episode of Inkigayo, Brown Eyed Girls made their comeback with "Hot Shot" and "Sixth Sense." Maybee returned to Inkigayo with "Goodbye Valnetine." Nine Muses performed their goodbye stage of "Figaro." Nine Muses will be returning as a nine member group in November as well.

Super Junior followed up their "Mr. Simple" promotions with their follow up track, "A-Cha," on tonight's episode of Inkigayo. miss A recorded this week's segment. miss A sang the "Justice Song" on this week's episode of Inkigayo.

Tonight's "Take 7" nominees were SISTAR ("So Cool"), Davichi ("Don't Say Goodbye"), G.NA ("Top Girl"), U-Kiss ("Neverland"), KARA ("Step"), Sung Shikyung ("I Like It"), and HaHa ("Rosa").

Tonight, KARA took home the Mutizen on Inkigayo with their title track, "Step." Congratulations to the members of KARA on their win with "Step."

Check out all of the performances from tonight's episode of Inkigayo, below!

Today's winner: KARA with "Step"

# Take 7 #

KARA - "Date (My Boy)" + "Step"

SISTAR - "So Cool" (remix version)

Davichi - "Don't Say Goodbye"

G.NA - "Top Girl"

U-Kiss - "Neverland"

Sung Shikyung - "I Like it"

HaHa - "Rosa"

# Hot Music #

Dal Shabet - "Bling Bling"

B1A4 - "Beautiful Target"

April Kiss - "Hello Bus"

Stellar - "Rocket GIrl"

Next week:

Kim Kyujong:

Which performances from tonight's episode of Inkigayo were your favorites?

Source: CrazyCarrotNew310 and sCherry501

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