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Lee Jongsuk joins SBS Inkigayo as the new MC

Submitted: May 18 2012 08:23 PM by leadahsmile

Actor of famous sitcom "High Kick! The Revenge of the Short Legged" Lee Jongsuk, has joined the Inkigayo team to become one of the MC with the current MCs IU, KARA's Nicole and Hara.

A representative of SBS Entertainment said, "The present MC of Inkigayo, MC IU, will be absent in her place for two months due to her concert starting the first week of June. We have included actor Lee Jongsuk in as the new MC starting in June."

He continued, "For now Inkigayo MCs will be Hara, Nicole and Lee Jongsuk. IU will be joining again after her concert finishes."

It was also notified that KARA could become busy with their Japanese promotions, however nothing is for sure regarding to affecting their MC positions. If a possiblity, IU and Lee Jongsuk will remain as two MCs.

IU, Hara and Nicole has been weekly MCs for Inkigayo since October 2011. They have received compliments from viewers from showing different concepts with their dazzling costumes every week and their good progress. With these three ladies, Lee Jongsuk will be joining them as an official MC starting on June 3rd.

Source: OSEN

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