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Winners from the 19th Korean Art Entertainment Awards

Submitted: Nov 28 2012 11:47 PM by Uni

The 19th Korean Entertainment Awards took place on November 28th at 5PM KST at the the Seongnam Art Center Opera House in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do.

The Korean Entertainment Awards is held annual, being one of the many awards ceremonies that recognizes some of the year's best artists and music, as well as variety shows, MCs and any other entertainers overall.

Check out the winners list for 2012 below! Congratulations to all winners!

Did your favorite bias win?

▲ Daesang: Singer Nam Ilhae
▲ Special Achievement: Composer Im Jongsu
▲ Entertainment Arts Advancement: Song Arranger Kim Kyungho, Composer Jung Kyungcheon, Gunsan Director Chae Jangseok

▲ Rookie Group: EXO-K, Juniel
▲ Ballad Singer: Huh Gak, Byul
▲ Best Group: Super Junior, f(x)
▲ Folk Singer: Park Hagki

▲ Adult Song Rookie: Jeongsam, Geum Jandi, Kang Sora
▲ Adult Song Singer: Kim Jonghwan, Kim Yongim

▲ Comedian: Yang Sehyung, Jang Doyeon
▲ Best Performing Arts Program: KBS "Hello"
▲ Best Program: SBS "Healing Camp"
▲ Radio Program: Kan Miyeon, Cho Eunhyung
▲ TV진행상 = Nam Heeseok, Lee Yeongja

▲ Band: Sung Goohyun
▲ Performance: Kim Sooyeol
▲ Dancer: Min Junki
▲ Choreographer: Kim Seungil
▲ Lyricist: Kim Byulgeol
▲ Composer: Cha Taeil
▲ Arrangement: Lee Chungjae
▲ Traditional Music Speciality Cable Broadcast Selection 2012 Singers: Park Jindo, Lee Hyeri, Ha Dongjin, Seo Jugyeong

Source: Newsen

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