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Winners from the 2011 Melon Music Awards

Submitted: Nov 24 2011 12:54 PM by Uni

The first music awards kicked off successfully tonight with Super Junior's Leeteuk, BEAST's Doojoon, and Park Shinhye taking the helm as the MCs. This year mark's Park Shinhye's second year hosting the award show.

Other celebrities who were in attendance include Gi Taeyoung, Kim Youngjin, Kim Sungoh, Kim Seah, Kim Soeun, Nam Heesuk, Moon Jiae, Bang Shihyuk, Bae Cheolsu, Woori, Lee Kwangsoo, Lee eungyeol, Lee Jisun, Lee Heejin, Lim Taekyung, Jung Seongho, Jin Bora, Cha Jiyeon, Han Chea, Hong Jonghyun, and more.

The award show featured Melon's Top 10 artists 2NE1, f(x), Leessang, Lena Park, BEAST, Big Bang, Super Junior, Secret, SISTAR, and IU.

Unfortunately, in order to fulfill another schedule, 2NE1 did not attend the event and sent thank yous through a video relayed message instead. Leessang was represented by Gary, as the group's other half Gil also could not attend due to Infinite Challenge shootings. However, he sent his thanks through a video. T.O.P. was the sole representative for Big Bang, while only 6 members of Super Junior attended.

Secret's Hyosung attended the 2011 Melon Music Awards despite her bad fall and walked onto the stage with the rest of her members with the help of Zinger to accept the award as one of the Top 10 Melon artists.

The 2011 Melon Music Awards: Digital Generation Music Festival took place at 7PM KST at the Olympic Park's Gymnasium Stadium tonight. Fan voting took place on October 27th, which accounted for 20% of the judging criteria and reduced a list of the Top 30 artists to 10.

The Top 30 were chosen from statistics of releases from December 2010 until October 2011 based on streaming statistics (40%), number of downloads (50%) and number of SKT (South Korea Telecom) wireless users (10%). The Top 10 were then chosen by album scores (80%) and online votes (20%).

Performances can be viewed here. Take a look at the winners list below:

2011 Top 10 Artist
Lena Park
Big Bang
Super Junior (Siwon, Yesung, Leeteuk, Donghae, Ryeowook, Sungmin)

2011 Artist of the Year
Nominees: 2NE1, Leessang, BEAST, Big Bang, IU
Winner: BEAST

2011 Album of the Year
Nominees: 2NE1, Leessang, BEAST, Big Bang, IU
Winner: 2NE1

2011 SK Planet Song of the Year
Nominees: 2NE1 "I Am The Best," BEAST "On Rainy Days," IU "Good Day," GG (G-Dragon, Park Myungsoo) "I Cheated" ft. Park Bom, T-ara "Roly Poly"
Winner: IU "Good Day"

2011 Global Artist Award
Winner: Girls' Generation

2011 Netizen Popularity Award
Nominees: 2PM, Girl's Day, Girls' Generation, Big Bang, Super Junior, CNBLUE, f(x),
Winner: Super Junior "Mr. Simple"

2011 Music Style R&B Ballad Song
Nominees: Kim Bumsoo "Last Love," Davichi "Don't Say Goodbye," Baek Jiyoung's "Again, Today I Love You," ZIA "," B.O.M. "Dear Feelings Dear Heart"
Winner: Kim Bumsoo "Last Love"

2011 MBC Music Star Award
Winner: Baek Jiyoung
The 2011 MBC Music Star award commends the most beloved artist of all generations. The winner is Baek Jiyoung for her continuous hits including her recent single "Average."

2011 Best Music Video Award - awarded to the director
Nominees: 2PM ("Hands Up"), miss A ("Goodbye Baby"), Brown Eyed Girls ("Sixth Sense"), Sunny Hill ("Midnight Circus"), T-ara ("Roly Poly")
Winner: T-ara ("Roly Poly") - Cha Euntaek

2011 Must Style Best Rap/Hip-Hop
Nominees: Mighty Mouth "Tok Tok," Verbal Jint "You Look good," GD&TOP "Oh Yeah," Tablo "Airbag," Yoon Mirae "Get It In"
Winner: GD&TOP "Oh Yeah" ft. Park Bom

2011 Music Style Best Rock Award
Nominees: 10cm, CNBLUE, FT ISLAND, YB,
Winner: CNBLUE "Intuition"

2011 Performance & Culture Award
Winner: Lee Seunghwan

2011 Hot Trend Award
Winner: Infinite Challenge
Infinite Challenge with their 3rd project album "Seohaean Freeway Music Festival" newly approached creating music by collaborating entertainers with artists.

2011 Music Style Best OST Song
Nominees: Sunny Hill "Pit-A-Pat" ("The Greatest Love" OST), IU "Someday" ("Dream High" OST), Jung Yonghwa "You've Fallen For Me" ("Heartstrings" OST), Girls' Generation's Taeyeon "I Love You" ("Athena: Goddess of War" OST)
Winner: Sunny Hill "Pit-A-Pat" ("The Greatest Love" OST)

2011 Best New Artist
Nominees: 5Dolls, Huh Gak, Dal Shabet, Kim Bokyung
Winner: Huh Gak
Huh Gak won Superstar K2 and went on to release his debut mini-album "First Story" with great success.

2011 Composer of the Year
Winner: Jeon Haesung
He has composed hit songs such as ZIA's "The Way I Am," Davichi's "Don't Say Goodbye," Huh Gak's "Don't Forget Me" and many more.

Interested in comparing it to last year's Melon Music Awards? You can find the last year's winners here.

Source: Melon

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  • crellosa 0 Points

    Thanks for sharing! :D

    24 November 2011 - 05:14 AM

  • ElizaBen 1 Points

    Every year these awards seem more and more like a high school popularity contest than anything. And your homecoming queen is.....

    24 November 2011 - 09:20 AM

    • bmw 121 Points

      LOL MTE.
      Its not about what you achieved at these shows, its abt which company you're with and how popular you are.

      24 November 2011 - 10:07 AM

  • miss x0x0 0 Points

    2ne1 nice one!!!!! they deserve more!

    24 November 2011 - 11:35 AM

  • Elouia 2 Points

    Er.. if I remember right. Ft Island was ahead of CN blue by 400k votes. o_O How did CN Blue win?

    Not that I don't think CN blue is a bad group, but I do think Ft Island deserves it a lot more.

    28 November 2011 - 06:36 PM

    • Elouia 2 Points

      Oops. I mean not that I don't think CN blue is a good group* x3 I love them too~ o3o
      But I still remember seeing the votes with Ft Island being 400k votes ahead. D:?

      28 November 2011 - 06:37 PM

    • Elouia 2 Points

      Actually, ignore me. D: I might have this confused with the Mnet awards. x.x My bad. Sorry for the spam. >_<;;

      28 November 2011 - 06:39 PM

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