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BEAST releases special "Mystery" music video as a Valentine's Day gift

Submitted: Feb 14 2012 10:17 AM by Eggyone

BEAST is currently embarking on their "BEAUTIFUL SHOW" World Tour. So far, BEAST has performed "BEAUTIFUL SHOW" concerts in Seoul and Berlin, Germany.

BEAST also released their first of three digital singles on January 26th. The track, "I Knew It," is a ballad that showcases BEAST's vocal talents. Junhyung released his first solo track, "Living Without You," as well.

As a special Valentine's Day gift to fans, BEAST uploaded a special "Mystery" music video. "Mystery" was first released on BEAST's first mini album, "BEAST Is The B2ST."

Check out BEAST's special "Mystery" music video gift to their fans, below!

Was the music video a good Valentine's Day gift?

Source: beastofficial

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  • luvyuh4evr 1 Points

    whose hand is it? Yoseob? Gikwang? DooJoon?

    14 February 2012 - 06:17 PM

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