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Boom releases "She Was Pretty" ft. Genius Tiger digital single + MV

Submitted: Nov 27 2012 03:08 AM by ohgelie

Boom released his latest digital single "She Was Pretty" on November 27th. After teasing fans by announcing his comeback plans along with his first teaser image, Boom officially revealed his comeback single "She Was Pretty," which is described to fit the mood of the winter.

"She Was Pretty" is a track that will highlight Boom's emotional rapping skills, and is set to tell the tale of a break-up. The track was composed by Kim Gunwoo, also known as Secret.k, who was responsible for Supreme Team's "Then Then Then."

Fans were also surprised by his image transformation, as he returned with a sad, melancholic concept, different to the bright image he usually portrays through various entertainment programs.

Jewelry's Yewon also participated in Boom's music video by being the narrator.

Support Boom and purchase "She Was Pretty' on Bugs, Soribada and MelOn. What do you think of his new single?


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