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Boyfriend's Jeongmin and "K-Pop Star" Heo Jiwon to feature in Starship Planet's "White Love" MV

Submitted: Nov 28 2012 02:36 AM by Uni

Starship Planet is set to release a new single just in time for the holidays titled "White Love" tomorrow. Ahead of the release, the agency revealed a photo of K.Will and SISTAR's Soyu, who will be collaborating on a track.

On November 28th, Starship Entertainment posted yet another photo for the upcoming track, revealing that Boyfriend's Jeongmin and SBS "K-Pop Star" contestant Heo Jiwon will be starring in the music video for "White Love."

In the photo, Jeongmin is seen with red-tinted hair, covered in a gray jacket and wearing a black and red striped shirt with a backpack on his back. He is cutely starring at Heo Jiwon, who looks radiant in a pure white coat and bright red scarf.

"White Love" is set to be released on November 29th at noon and will feature K.Will, SISTAR and Boyfriend.

Source: Starship Entertainment

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