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BtoB reveals "Irresistible Lips" MV

Submitted: May 22 2012 03:40 PM by Kaye

BTOB just recently made its debut but they're already planning ahead and will be releasing a special album on the 23rd to start off their promotions throughout Asia.

The music video which was revealed earlier today, marks the start of their promotions and is set to be featured on their special Asian album release "Born to Beat (Asia Special Edition)". "Irresistible Lips" was earlier used and performed in JTBC's "I Live in Cheongdam-Dong", where a few of the group's members were part of the cast. A full version of the track was now revealed on the release.

"Born to Beat (Asia Special Edition)" will be released in various countries throughout Asia, including China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines and many more.

BTOB is the newest male group from Cube DC and made their successful debut in March, promoting two different tracks. BTOB released the single, "Father," on Parent's Day and has been promoting the ballad track. The group also recently revealed their fan club name, "Melody".

What do you think of this MV?

Source: officialbtob

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  • AlyssaM 0 Points

    Is this BTOB very first album?

    22 May 2012 - 08:47 PM

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