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BTS releases "No More Dream" Dance MV

Submitted: Jun 17 2013 03:46 AM by Uni

Less than a week ago, new male group BTS - who hails from Big Hit Entertainment - made their official debut with their first single "2 Cool 4 School," and has been promoting the track "No More Dream" over the week. Following the end of their first week of promotions, BTS released the dance version of their debut music video.

The music video focuses on the group's choreography for "No More Dream" in two different sets - an abandoned building filled with graffiti and in a makeshift neighborhood - giving different angles of the members.

BTS is made up of seven members including Suga, Rap Monster, J-Hope, V ('95), Jin, Jimin, and Jongkook.

What are your thoughts on BTS so far?


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