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Dalmatian releases "E.R" MV

Submitted: May 15 2012 03:24 PM by Uni

After an unexpected delay in the release of their new album, Dalmatian has released their music video for their title track, "E.R," and their mini-album, "State Of Emergency," on May 16th.

The video begins with the scene of a bad car accident and emergency personnels, the police and ambulances, rush to the scene. Several of the members are seemingly declared dead and zipped up in a black bag.

Halfway through the music video, fans can view several tattoos decorated across the upper body of the members of Dalmatian as they dance half-naked.

This will be the first time Dalmatian's newest member Simon will be promoting with the group following the parting of Day Day.

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  • WithlovefromX 3 Points

    Pretty awesome song! I was worried because this style was so different from thier 'Lost in Love' days, but the bad ass look seems to work for them. The random shirtlessness was a bit much though. I'm all for a bit of shirtless idol, but not for most of the video! ;D

    15 May 2012 - 03:54 PM

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