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Davichi reveals MV for pre-release song "Turtle"

Submitted: Mar 04 2013 02:05 AM by Kaye

With news of a second album already revealed in January, and additional info revealed just recently, Davichi's comeback with a second full length album, "Mystic Ballad 1990," is getting closer.

As an interlude to their comeback later this month, the duo revealed a pre-release track called "Turtle." A music video for the song was also revealed, and features labelmate and 5dolls member Hyoyoung. The track was made by composer and producer Duble Sidekick.

Davichi will be making their return on March 20th with the release of "Mystic Ballad 1990." The album features collaborations with artists such as Verbal Jint and 015B's Jung Seokwon.

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  • Princess 105 Points

    LOVE IT! :d

    04 March 2013 - 06:46 AM

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