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Heo Youngsaeng reveals "Life" MV teaser

Submitted: Mar 06 2013 03:57 AM by Uni

After a year of hiatus since his activities in South Korea, SS501's Heo Youngsaeng is preparing to make his return with his 3rd mini-album this month!

On March 6th at noon, the first music video teaser for his title track and mini-album "Life" was released. The teaser revealed a strange atmosphere, a scene as if taken right out from a movie.

An unknown woman with short light hair is seen wearing large headphones, sitting oddly at a desk, drawing the face of Heo Youngsaeng frantically. Additional pictures of said singer can be seen hung throughout the room as well.

Heo Youngsaeng is set to released a second teaser on the 8th, with the full mini-album made available on the 14th.

Source: b2ment

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