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Infinite H reveals debut album "Fly High" + MV for "Special Girl" feat. Bumkey

Submitted: Jan 11 2013 02:00 AM by Kaye

Infinite H is ready for their first promotion cycle as a sub-unit. The group's label, Woollim Entertainment, has revealed the full music video and album for Infinite H's debut release "Fly High."

For the recording of "Fly High," Infinite H (Dongwoo and Hoya) collaborated with many different artists, including various well-known hip hop composers and rappers such as Primary, Zion.T, Bumkey (2WINS), Paloalto, Vida Loca, and more. The album's title track, "Fly High," features labelmate Baby Soul, who was featured on the sub-unit's first ever track "Crying" as well.

The music video for "Special Girl" features their interaction and experiences with a "special girl," as well as their efforts to impress her.

01. Victorious Way

02. Special Girl (Feat. Bumkey)

03. 니가 없을 때 (Without You) (Feat. Zion.T)

04. 못해 (Can't Tell You) (Feat. Gaeko 개코 of Dynamic Duo)

05. Fly High (Feat. Baby Soul 베이비 소울)

What do you think of Infinite H's release and music video?

Source: Woollim Ent and BubbleFeetGravityCH3

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