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IU releases "Peach" MV teaser

Submitted: May 03 2012 02:29 AM by Uni

IU is ready to celebrate her "20th spring" with fans! It was revealed a few days ago that IU would be releasing a new single with 3 new tracks, in which one was composed by IU herself.

On May 3rd, IU released the first music video teaser, "Peach," to fans, which revealed IU sitting down on a couch with a notebook as she plays on her guitar, singing to the track to herself softly.

IU will release the first track off her new single, "Spring of a Twenty Year Old," tomorrow on May 4th, while the whole single will be fully released on May 11th.

"Peach" is IU's self-composed track, which has been described as having a loveable feeling without having the "dark sounds revealing deep internal emotions in her previous songs." The track has been named "Peach" due to IU's love for the fruit and word, and "a nickname she wants to give to her lover to deliver the vibe she gets when pronouncing the word."


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