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Jungyup releases "We Do Not" MV + "Part II: We Do Not" mini-album

Submitted: Dec 12 2012 06:45 AM by slidesandswings

On December 12 (KST), Jungyup has finally released his new music video for his song "We Do Not." This song is the title track for his new mini-album, "Part II: We Do Not."

Put at the right place at the right time, combinations of instruments such as the cello, piano, and guitar produce a rich, sorrowful sound. Jungyup's charm is then maximized as he fully implements his voice to convey the sad emotions of the music.

"We Do Not" begins with a simple and touching piano melody. Jungyup's voice then slowly enters in, perfectly accompanied by the mood of the background music. The music video is a colored animation, telling a melancholy tale of two people who meet in a beautiful garden. They cultivate the plants in it, as well as their relationship with each other. However, a gloomy storm then causes havoc in the garden. An immense wedge is driven between the two and the lights in their homes are extinguished.

Be sure to support "Part II: We Do Not" on sites such as Bugs and Naver Music!

Check out the MV and mini-album below:

1. "Ah...It Was You"

2. "Just You And I"

3. "Reversal"

4. "We Do Not"

5. "Ah...It Was You" (Postino Remix - Bonus Track)

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