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JYP releases "You're The One" MV + new album

Submitted: Apr 28 2012 05:15 PM by ohgelie

Set to make a comeback in the local music scene this month, Park Jinyoung released the full music video for his title track "You're The One." For the past few days, Park Jinyoung or J.Y. Park released two video teasers and a music video for his duet track "Someone Else" featuring Brown Eyed Girls' Gain.

The full music video was uploaded through his official Youtube account on April 29th, along with the release of his new album "Spring 5 Songs For A New Love."

Fans were able to hear Park Jinyoung's new upbeat track which also highlighted his new concept and signature moves.

You can support Park Jinyoung by purchasing the track on iTunes. What do you think of the track and music video?

Source: jypark

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