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JYP releases "You're The One" MV teaser Part 1

Submitted: Apr 25 2012 02:45 AM by Uni

Hit producer Park Jinyoung, also known as JYP or J.Y. Park, is set to make his comeback soon with a new album titled, "Spring 5 Songs For A New Love." Prior to releasing his album, JYP released a pre-single from his album, a duet with Brown Eyed Girls' Gain titled "Someone Else."

On April 25th, JYP released a new teaser for the track, "You're The One," on his official YouTube channel. The video shows a series of previously released image teasers that then highlights JYP in the photos as the lyrics of the songs appear. An R&B medium tempo track is then heard in the background.

JYP is set to release his newest track, "You're The One," on April 29th.

Are you looking forward to JYP's comeback?

Source: jypark

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