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Kim Bumsoo and Lena Park release "White Winter" digital single + MV

Submitted: Nov 30 2012 04:13 AM by Uni

With the winter season comes great winter songs! Soloists Kim Bumsoo and Lena Park have teamed up to release their winter digital single "White Winter" on November 30th, releasing the accompanying music video teaser as well.

"White Winter" was originally released in 1993 and sung by Mr. 2. With the vocals of Kim Bumsoo and Lena Park, the song has been re-released with a more modern sound and has been reborn.

The music video features Kim Bumsoo and Lena Park in the recording studio singing, looking comfortable in each other's presence enough to have a little fun.

You can purchase their winter digital single at Bugs, MelOn and Olleh Music.


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