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Lee Hi releases image still for "It's Over" MV

Submitted: Mar 05 2013 05:36 PM by Uni

Ahead of her album's release, Lee Hi has revealed the first image still from the set of her title music video "It's Over."

The still was released via YG Entertainment's blog, YG-Life, on March 5th, and shows Lee Hi cutely posing in front of a large blue teddy bear wearing a t-shirt that reads "I ❤ HI."

"It's Over" is said to be a less mature concept compared to Lee Hi's "" music video, and will instead focus on the aspect of cuteness, which will reflect Lee Hi's age of 16.

Over the past few days, YG Entertainment has teased fans with various toy props that will be most likely used in the video.

Meanwhile, Lee Hi will have promote two title tracks, "It's Over" and "Rose," taking on a similar concept of past YG artists who have promoted more than 1 track at a time. The music videos will be directed by Han Samin, who has worked with Big Bang and 2NE1 in the past.

On March 1st, Lee Hi pre-released the track "Turn It Up," which has received great response from fans. Lee Hi's album features collaboration from Teddy, Master Wu, Lydia Paek, Choice37, Seon Woojung and Song Baekkyung.

Half the album will be released on March 7th online, and the other half released physically on March 21st.

Source: OfficialLEEHI and Sports World

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