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Leessang releases "Hard To Be Humble" MV

Submitted: May 18 2012 02:26 AM by Uni

Earlier this morning, Leessang released their 1st single off their upcoming album, "Hard To Be Humble. The track has been doing well on the real-time charts online on music sites such as Bugs.

On May 18th, Leessang's music video for their track was officially released.

The music video follows the antics of two young boys, seemingly representing the two members of Leessang, Gary and Gil. "Hard To Be Humble" is a track that has been redone in Leessang's style and was originally performed by Cho Youngnam.

Leessang's last album topped charts for weeks after its released late last year, and their upcoming 8th album is gaining much expectations.

They are set to drop their 8th album, "Unplugged," on May 25th.


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