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Leessang releases "Someday" MV + 8th album "Unplugged"

Submitted: May 24 2012 09:25 PM by ohgelie

After prereleasing two of their tracks "Humility is Hard" and "My Love" along with their short video teaser for "Someday," Leessang released their 8th full album "Unplugged." On May 25th, Leessang officially released their new album through local music sites and full music video for "Someday."

"Someday" will be Leessang's title track from the album which also features Yoon Dohyun in the main chorus. Leessang's new title track is a mellow, rock sound paired with the Gary and Gil's trademark rapping styles.

You can support Leessang by purchasing their new album on Bugs and mel0n. Check out their full album and music video below!



The Pursuit of Happiness

Seems Like Everybody Changes


Gary and Giri 3rd Story

I Want To Cry


Source: LOENENT and AsianDreamAudio

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