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M.I.B's KangNam releases his solo single + MV "Say My Name"

Submitted: Oct 17 2011 05:10 PM by Uni

The newest upcoming hip-hop group M.I.B will be making their debut next week after each of the members released their own solo songs in anticipation. 5Zic was the first member to release his solo single and music video, and was followed by Cream and SIMS.

On October 18th, the last member of M.I.B (Most Incredible Busters) released his solo single and music video, "Say My Name." Unlike the previous singles released by the other members of the group, "Say My Name" shows off KangNam's ballad vocal abilities, revealing him to be the group's main vocalist.

Are you excited for M.I.B's group debut next week now that all of the member's solo singles have been released?

Source: AsianDream2015

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