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Nell releases MV for "The Day Before" + 5th album "Slip Away"

Submitted: Apr 09 2012 08:10 PM by fiveseven_

Beginning with a trailer video in January, Nell revealed their plans to make a comeback this year. After a musicgraphy teaser, and MV teasers for two of their tracks, Nell have released the full MV for the "The Day Before," the title track on their latest album titled "Slip Away."

Throughout Nell's comeback album are the themes of addiction, grief, warmth, and longing, evident through the somber acoustic melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The album contains ten tracks, including the title track "The Day Before." Recorded at the Avatar Studios in New York, "Slip Away" is Nell's first album since "Separation Anxiety," released four years ago.

Check out the MV for "The Day Before" below:

Source: woolliment, Hyang Music

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