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Secret releases comeback music video for "Talk That"

Submitted: Dec 04 2012 03:50 AM by Eggyone

At the end of November, girl group Secret began to tease fans about their comeback. It was revealed that Secret would be making their comeback on December 4th and they released individual teaser images for all of the members (Jieun, Hyosung, Zinger, and Sunhwa). They also released a group image teaser as well.

A music video teaser was revealed last week that hinted at the concept of Secret's upcoming comeback. On December 4th, the official music video for Secret's comeback single "Talk That" was released.

"Talk That" is a track which showcases a different side of Secret as it has a slight retro feel to it. The music video for "Talk That" shows the members of Secret sporting a mature concept, in contrast to their previous releases. The girls are seen in the city as well as indoors. Some of the choreography for the track is also revealed in the music video.

Check out the music video for "Talk That" below!

You can purchase Secret's comeback single "Talk That" on music sites like Bugs and worldwide on iTunes (coming soon).

Source: Bugs and TSENT2008

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