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T-ara releases "Lovey Dovey" Shuffle Dance Tutorial + Zombie Version MV

Submitted: Jan 11 2012 09:10 PM by Yaejin

T-ara, who recently made a follow up on Korean music shows with their newest song "Lovey Dovey", have released a dance tutorial and the Zombie Version MV.

"Lovey Dovey" was released on January 3rd as part of T-ara's 5th mini-album "Funky Town". They have recently been promoting on music shows with "Lovey Dovey" and have already released a drama MV for the new track.

On January 11th they released their Zombie Version MV, which is the 2nd in the previously announced series of five different MV's to be released for "Lovey Dovey". In the MV the girls are seen performing in a club when about half way through, they are transformed into zombies and shuffle across the dance floor in their sparkly attire. The members of Coed also made a special appearance in the MV starring as several different characters including the bar men, DJ's and more.

The dance tutorial gives a clearer view of the dance, helping aspiring dancers and avid fans to perform the dance.

You can check out the dance tutorial and the Zombie MV Version below.

Which is your favorite MV version so far?

T-ara - "Lovey Dovey" Zombie Version MV

T-ara - "Lovey Dovey" Shuffle Dance Tutorial

Source: LOENENT, faiezmay

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