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Which countries generated the most views for PSY's "Gangnam Style" MV?

Submitted: Oct 08 2012 09:17 PM by spicyricecake

An analysis was completed on the MV of PSY's "Gangnam Style" uploaded to YouTube from July 15th to September 28th. It was revealed that YouTube members representing 222 nations have viewed the clip, with the top five as follows:

United States - 59,969,000 views
South Korea - 23,698,000 views
Thailand - 21,145,000 views
Malaysia - 12,672,000 views
Brazil - 11,573,000 views

Following close behind were Canada, England, Australia, Taiwan, and the Philippines, rounding out the top ten. Nations that made surprising appearances on the top 100 chart include Mongolia (904,000 views, 47th overall), Iceland (284,000 views, 65th overall), Trinidad and Tobago (289,000 views), Malta (101,000 views), and Guam (80,000 views).

In particular, the number of views generated by Mongolia is almost five times the number of registered internet users in the country, while the number of views generated by Iceland almost surpassed the total population of the country.

Meanwhile, "Gangnam Style" also picked up popularity in Africa, with rankings as follows:

South Africa - 440,000 views, 58th overall
Morocco - 279,000 views, 66th overall
Egypt - 109,000 views, 79th overall
Tunisia - 93,000 views, 85th overall
Algeria - 53,000 views, 100th overall

Additionally, 45 countries have generated more than 1 million views for the video, while 82 countries have generated more than 100,000 views. Currently, the number of views for the music video on YouTube has exceeded 400 million, while the number of videos that use "Gangnam Style" as music has exceeded 33,000.

Source: Korea Joongang Daily

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