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Yang Yoseob releases "Caffeine" BTS MV

Submitted: Nov 29 2012 03:00 PM by Uni

Just a few days ago, BEAST's Yang Yoseob released his first mini-album, "The First Collage," and has been getting a lot of love for his title track "Caffeine."

On November 29th, the behind-the-scene video for Yoseob's music video "Caffeine" was released. The video features not only scenes of Yoseob recording for his music video and getting directions from the director, but cuts of the singer introducing his track and more.

Fellow BEAST member Junhyung makes a feature in the video, and while he talks to the camera, Yoseob can be seen doing waves behind his head.

The female lead in the music video also appears next to Yoseob, introducing herself as actress Song Hayoon.

Are you looking forward to Yoseob's upcoming promotions for "Caffeine"?

Source: theunitedcube

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