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Zion.T releases full music video for "Two Melodies" featuring Crush

Submitted: Mar 06 2013 03:50 AM by fiveseven_

After releasing a short teaser video earlier this week, Zion.T has revealed the full music video for his latest single "Two Melodies", featuring Crush.

His first solo track since his debut single "Click Me", featuring Dok2, Zion.T's "Two Melodies" is the third track revealed by Amoeba Culture, slated to be released as part of Amoeba Culture's upcoming "NOWorkend" project album. The new project album will include Yankie's "I.N.D.O" featuring Tablo as well as Gaeko's "Rhythm is Life".

With a jazzy melody carried by a Rhodes piano, a funky bassline, and sparse snaps and snare drums, Zion.T's latest single is a smooth, laid back track that showcases his excellent voice control. When complemented by Crush's verses, "Two Melodies" becomes transformed into a smooth R&B jam.

Check out the full music video for Zion.T's "Two Melodies", featuring Crush, below:


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