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1sagain and Fatdoo release collaboration single, "A Wish For Christmas"

Submitted: Dec 03 2012 03:55 AM by Miranda

Hip-hop artists 1sagain and Fatdoo are back with another collaboration, this time with a Christmas single titled "A Wish For Christmas"!

The single album contains two tracks, "A Wish For Christmas" featuring vocalist Saetbyul, and "My Way Back From The Airport" featuring vocalist Geum Nana.

"A Wish For Christmas" contains a short narration in the beginning accompanied by acoustic guitar and some vocal lines by Saetbyul. The track features midtempo beats with guitar instrumentals and smooth collaborations by the three artists.

"My Way Back From The Airport" features an attractive piano melody, lovely vocals by Geum Nana, and smooth rapping by the two artists. With an exciting hip-hop tempo that brightens up the track, the sound becomes a relaxed and laid-back one for the listener to enjoy.

The single album "A Wish For Christmas" can be purchased via sites like Bugs, Melon, or Olleh. Have a listen below:

01. A Wish For Christmas (feat. Saetbyul)

02. My Way Back From The Airport (feat. Geum Nana)

Source: BubbleFeetGravityCH2

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