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2NE1 performs reggae version of "Lonely" + Taeyang celebrates his birthday on "YG ON AIR"

Submitted: May 28 2011 04:03 AM by Uni

On this week's episode of "YG ON AIR," 2NE1 had a special live session of their latest hit single "Lonely." Last week, 2NE1 performed "Lonely" for the first time for fans in a live session for YG Entertainment's new online television media in collaboration with Naver called "YG ON AIR."

This week, 2NE1 performed a special version of "Lonely" and got their reggae on with a catchier version of "Lonely." At the beginning of the 5th episode of "YG ON AIR," 2NE1 can be seen getting ready for their special live session, as the musicians practiced in the background.

CL can be seen and heard saying "Omo, omo" at Sandara's hyperness as she jumps up and down like a kid and singing her line in "Lonely" repeatedly. The maknae, Minzy, looks at the excited Sandara and embarrassingly says in a joking manner, "Please...please..."

The video also introduces the musicians playing the instruments, while listing their experiences: Lee Taeyoon (bass), Kang Suho (drums), Ham Chunho (guitar), Chae Taewon (piano), Cho Jaebum (percussion)

After 2NE1's live session, the video turns to Big Bang at their Japan tour "Love & Hope 2011." After some silly actions from the members, mostly from maknae Seungri, Big Bang celebrated Taeyang's birthday on stage with fans. Then, another celebration can be seen where the staff celebrated Taeyang's birthday with a larger birthday cake.

Watch the video below! What did you think of 2NE1's reggae version of "Lonely"?

Source: 2NE1

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  • kpop4lyfe 54 Points

    this was awesome! i <3 2NE1

    27 May 2011 - 08:40 PM

  • nernenu 3 Points

    Saw it yesterday. YG on air is great!

    28 May 2011 - 08:55 AM

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