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After School reveals audio previews from upcoming Japanese album "Playgirlz"

Submitted: Mar 06 2012 04:15 PM by vleevkimvwoo

During the long wait for After School's 1st full Japanese album to be released, more previews of their tracks have been shared online.

After School's official Japanese website has recently been updated with a preview clip of their songs. Avex has also taken the initiative and created a Facebook page for After School in Japan. In addition, the website offers special images from their new album, including stylish photoshoot pictures and the album covers.

There are three versions of the album and each version comes with a different album jacket photo. The "Live" version comes with the CD and live DVD and features the girls posing with "After School Play Girls" title going down the side. The girls are dressed in golden shirts with yellow shorts. The next version is the "Music Video package," which comes with the CD & DVD and features a close up of the same picture but with the After School logo going horizontally. Lastly, the "CD only" version is a picture of all the girls standing up and posing together as a team, again in golden shirts and yellow pants.

< Live Version - CD & LIVE DVD >
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< Music Video Version - CD & DVD >
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< CD Only Version - CD >
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"Tell Me," a new song that was released today has a slow melody and sounds very sweet. "Miss Futuristic," was released yesterday. The song sounds just like what the description, very futuristic. There is an auto tuned feel and sounds very catchy. The song also gives off a tune that is tailored to the Japanese music industry.

"Gimme Love" shows off After School's Japanese skills. The song is a mix between "Super Sexy" and "Rambling Girls." Many netizens have expressed their excitement to hear the entire song. "Broken Heart" has been described by netizens as one of the songs that they just can't get out of their head. This song has a pop feel but also an emotional background meaning.

There is already a Korean version of "Shampoo" but the Japanese version is included on the album. "Rip-Off" is a fast-paced catchy song that shows power vocals and powerful beats in the track. "Just in Time" is a slow yet pop styled track. It has a very catchy background melody and is bound to get stuck in people's heads.

Almost every day up until the release of After School's full Japanese album, Avex has been unleashing short previews of all the songs. Here are some of the songs that have been released on the site. Check out some of the previews from their new album below!

"Tell Me" Preview

"Miss Futuristic" by Kahi, Juyeon, Lizzy, and UEE

"Gimme Love" Preview

"Broken Heart" Preview by Jungah, Nana, E-Young, and Raina

"Shampoo" Japanese Version

"Rip-Off" Longer Preview

"Just in Time"

Are you looking forward to their first Japanese album?

Source: After School Official Japanese Site and

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