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Aziatix's "Slippin' Away" MV featured on MySpace Music's homepage

Submitted: Sep 02 2011 01:15 AM by Uni

Aziatix has been featured on one of the most popular social networking websites behind Facebook and Twitter, MySpace. Under the music section for MySpace, Aziatix's music video "Slippin' Away" from their studio album "Nocturnal" can be seen featured on the front page underneath Rihanna, Katy B., Breaking Benjamin, and Kelly Clarkson.

In the past few days, Aziatix has been seen on the front page of AOL Music, #1 on Channel [ V ]'s Pop Chart with "Go," MSN Entertainment and Windows Media, who has dubbed them as "R&B Sensation," and more!

As the days past, Aziatix has slowly but surely gaining the hearts of new fans and begin recognized for their amazing talents.

Aziatix is currently in Taiwan and will make an appearance at "Primo" in Tapai on September 2nd.

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Source: MySpace Music

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