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BEAST's Yang Yoseob releases "The First Collage" photoshoot behind the scenes video

Submitted: Nov 30 2012 05:31 AM by Eggyone

BEAST member Yang Yoseob's first solo mini album, "The First Collage," was released on November 26th. The album was produced by fellow BEAST member Junhyung.

The title track, "Caffeine," features Junhyung as well and the music video was released on November 28th. The tracks features four other tracks, "Look At Me Now," "Just Do As You Always Did," "Still, I," and "You Don't Know."

On November 30th, Cube Entertainment uploaded a behind the scenes video from the filming of Yoseob's music video for "Caffeine." Additionally, Cube Entertainment uploaded a behind the scenes video from Yoseob's album jacket photoshoot on November 30th as well.

The behind the scenes video of his "The First Collage" photoshoot features Yoseob as he poses for the photos that are included in the album. Yoseob switches between all of the different outfits that fit the album's concept and even shows his playful side during the photoshoot's downtime. He is even seen taking pictures of his own pictures with his phone.

Check out the video below!

"The First Collage" - behind the scenes photoshoot

Source: Bugs, @cubeunited and theunitedcube

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